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Albert's Schloss - Manchester

After two years of planning and an incredible six month build, Albert’s Schloss launched into the Manchester scene with an impact that has never been seen before in the city.

This unique ground floor venue located on Peter Street, and housed underneath the iconic Albert Hall, a reimagined Bavarian bier haus for the 21st century, has take its place as one of the UK’s most impressive renovations which has taken its design from across the alpine region, with an interior design, food and drink menu that has yet to be matched.

A Bavarian palace inspired by bohemian spirit and the way of the mountains. Where did it all come from? Bavaria, in Southern Germany, is where they consume the most beer on the planet, it’s a place that we love, for obvious reasons.

Bohemia is the old name for a neighbouring region in the Czech Republic (Yah, Bohemia is an actual place not just a term for people with beards) where they make the best beer on the planet.

That’s why Albert’s Schloss is inspired by these regions, with perilous weekly cross-continental beer runs a must to fill the 4 x 900 pint copper barrels that dominate the bar, alpine-inspired menus and twisted debauchery every night of the week.