Love me, love me not …

Today we welcome The Daisy to Manchester, the Northern Quarter’s first members only lounge.

Taking carefully considered inspiration from the bar culture of Paris – in particular the district of Pigalle – which can easily be compared to the Northern Quarter as the creative and vibrant heart of the city, and an area occupied by artists and young creators, The Daisy will be a relaxed, comfortable and luxurious space with a slightly rough around the edges feel, yet warm with welcoming characteristics designed for creating a neighbourhood hang-out.

Patrons of The Daisy will be by membership-only and will benefit from a wealth of features that have been carefully woven into the integral function of the space.

Accessibility to the venue will be via Evelyn’s, and The Daisy will provide discreet meeting and event spaces and complimentary coffee. Members will be able to sign-in up to three people at a time, and music will be integrated throughout the space with meticulous consideration of the patron’s full sensory experience (sight, sound, smell, touch).

We have been in to indulge ourselves, here are a few snaps …

The Daisy will be open to the public for the duration of February, to welcome in its potential members, so they are able to try out the space before committing to their annual fee.

For more info on membership please email –