To start off our weekly W Series, we’d like to talk about the feature length film directed by Javi Senz, international film producer, that we are proud to have worked with.

“Manchester Keeps On Dancing” is a remarkable social study of a culture that helped put Manchester on the worldwide map as it documents the arrival of House music into Manchester from Chicago in the 1980’s, through to the Acid House explosion of 1988 and the following 30 years of its phenomenal rise to today.

After the explosion of House music at the hacienda, it encouraged a youth culture. A subculture to the miserable overground and a movement happened underground. Every possible angle of creativity was created from discussions on the dance floor at the hacienda; bands were formed, and those bands then went on to find a manager, who then went on to find a designer to make their album cover, who then went on to find the video-maker to make their music video. That movement was all about doing something that was different and feeling proud to be different because you were special, it attracted people to do creative things. Thus creating a catalyst in Manchester that has uniquely continued to this day 30 years on.

What happened next? Everything happened next, you can still feel this unique buzz in the city today.

We are very lucky, as an agency, to be in the middle of this culture as our clients are those innovative creators constantly regenerating and carrying it on. The party that keeps on dancing …

Featured in the film is Krysko, Matthew Krysko, director of We Are Indigo and resident DJ at The Warehouse Project. We gave him a quick Q and A on our velvet couch before he heads to London for the premiere.